The Bothin Foundation board meets three times throughout the year to make grant decisions – in the winter (January/ February), spring/ summer (May/ June), and fall (October/ November).

The new proposal icon can only be accessed during the open submission dates below. You will not be allowed to begin an application prior to the submission open dates. We advise you use the PDF overview to prepare your answers in advance of the submission period.

Submission Dates for 2018 Grants

November 6 – 17 for Grants Awarded in February 2018 (CLOSED)

January 29 – February 9 for Grants Awarded in May 2018 (CLOSED)

June 18 – 29 for Grants Awarded in October 2018

All applications are due at 5:00 pm on the final date of the submission window.


Applications may only be submitted during the dates listed. Do not attempt to submit an application prior to the submission start date or you might lose your work.

In preparation for submitting your application, we encourage you to compose the proposal in Microsoft Word and once it is ready, copy and paste content directly into the foundation’s online application. Check the website often as dates may need to shift for unforeseen circumstances.

Detailed application instructions and a downloadable Application Overview PDF can be found under Application Procedures.