Grantee Spotlight: Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center

By: Alexandra Kirkwood

Since its creation in 1952, the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center has served the San Francisco community living with physical and developmental disabilities, as well as their families. The Center offers a vast range of services and programs to members of the community with disabilities, including classes for enrichment and vocational training, therapeutic recreational programs, and on-site physical therapy. The Center houses an impressive array of facilities – a gymnasium, training kitchen, performing arts center, computer labs, a playground, various activity rooms, and a therapeutic swimming pool. The Center offers welcome relief to families from 24/7 responsibilities, as well as programs that families, many of whom are low-income, might not otherwise afford.

Website Spotlight_Photo_Pomeroy_BOTThe Bothin Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the Pomeroy Center; its most recent award was a grant for $50,000 in 2015 to upgrade the Center’s pool maintenance system. As the only full-sized warm water therapeutic pool facility in San Francisco, the pool is a valuable resource to the community. Classes are offered to adults and children with disabilities, and the pool is also open to members of the community without disabilities—which has created both a source of income and a platform for promotion of the Pomeroy Center.

The Bothin Foundation is proud to support the Center’s good work. Living with a disability is challenging for individuals and families; however, with the help of the Pomeroy Center, many San Franciscan families are seeing just how skilled and engaged people with disabilities can be when given the opportunity and environment to thrive.

Photo by: Cindy Blackstone